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Take Me Out To Play 29.8-27.9.2019

Take Me Out To Play is a Contemporary Art Exhibition that is a statement to the present state. It’s a collection of works that are done by various techniques (Aerosol, mixed media, distemper).

The works are a bit playful and the story behind the paintings can be found behind the patterns by the tree. 

I wanted to use as much recycled material as possible, which is why the paintings have been made on board / wood. The Micro Jellyfish (Micro Medusa) is a commentary on the predominance of the seas, where the Sea creatures are exposed to micro-plastics and pollution. The wood of the "Steve" and "Violet Rays" statues comes from Elimäki, a remnant of the Arboretum Mustila forest, from construction.

I feel that as an Artist and a Designer, I have to take a stand on the current world situation and also think the use of the existing materials as I work. The goal of Zero Waste is a challenging one, but I believe that with smart planning and a combination of different implementation techniques it is still very much possible.

Nia Maria Haaranen - Take Me Out To Play- Contemporary Art Exhibition - 29.8-27.9.2019

Exhibition location:

XAMK University, Kouvola Campus, Paraatikenttä 7, Kouvola, Finland. Lab Exhibition space. 

Love, Nia


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