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Stay happy - Choose happiness

In these few days I've notice that I feel more lighter and shine brighter. It means that no matter life has brought me, I'm happy. I've found the positive side and the most of all, I've found one of my loves again - blogging!

Warmth of Winter
Warmth of Winter

I blogged years back a lot. Kept an interior design/decoration blog called "Sisustusunelmia" (Decoration dreams). It had a great amount of readers, communication and I had a chance to do Ambassador work and I was able to influence with what I wrote and did.

Why did I ever stopped is the question I asked myself yesterday? Nothings undone, I could start it again and make it fly, but I would also like to write something more deeper this time. I've learnt so much in past years and there has been happy times and struggles, like every life has, but I've learnt. So why not to write about it?

My wish is that even here will be many kinds of subjects, someone would still find something positive on her/his life while visiting and reading these texts.

There is always something to be happy about. If you look outside and sun is shining and it brings you warmth and smiles. If it rains, think how beautiful every rain drop is and how it'll shine brighter after the rains are gone.

Think how everyday is an opportunity and how it can bring something new. Let the opportunities be open and keep your mind also open. You never know what the day will bring, maybe something so amazing you couldn't even think it could happen.

Stay in positive mind-frame and simply choose happiness. Stay happy!

Love, Nia

Ps. Hire me!


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