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"Make defeat your foul"

In these past weeks I've learnt so much. I found edX to be _The Best_ place to learn about everything that I've literally wanted to know more for sometime now.

I feel like I have an ultimate hunger for learning again and it just feels amazing. The more I learn, the more I want to.

Since January 2019-> I've been achieving/studying:

- Microsoft Adoption Specialist Certification

- Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

- Strategic Social Media Marketing (audit)

- Storytelling for Social Change Certification

- Digital Transformation: Market and Industry Analysis (audit)

What I'm rolling at the the moment:

- Digital Branding and Engagement

- AI for Leaders

This Gatorade ad was in one of the studies and it describes the feeling I'm having right now very well. Learning, evolving defeating and eventually winning (-> Hire me? :))

Love, Nia

Ps. If you want to connect via LinkedIn, I'd be happy to hear from you:


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