• Nia Maria Haaranen

Life underneath - Who says woman can't work hard?

Life underneath. Sometimes life decides to pick you a different path and changes everything. Then it's time to evaluate, rebuild and work even harder.

I lost my job on Thursday like a lightning from the sky. I’m not ashamed of it, I worked my a** off so to say. Now that I’m trying to get over from that shock, I’ve started to think life forward. Where I stand in life, how life really is. What is underneath that could be developed something wonderful?

Art is my getaway to everything, it’s my passion and it shows in me as a person as well. I’m creative regardless what I do.

I like to communicate, influence, share happiness and sunny sparkles around, wishing everyone would find their sparkle and help them to find it if possible. I think everything in modules, cubes and colours. If I see a concept in mind, I know it’ll be good. If I’m not able to picture one yet it means the idea still needs work.

Maybe that is the reason I’ve been liking to work in IT so many years, as it gave that possibility to use all my skill set with people and mindset but also with products. I love to work with people! I'm grateful for every work opportunity my past has, they all have teach so much to me.

Now, I still have to figure where I’ll be working next, but to make this clear [ also as written here ] I know I’m on the right path and the opportunity will come when the right person/company is there.

Also I'm ever so thankful for the people supporting me in this ♥️ You mean a world to me!

Love, Nia


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