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Life's rolling

I've been fairly quiet recently. Life has become very hectic and this Pandemic time has been challenging. Many exhibitions has been postponed during the spring, some cancelled. Yet life still goes on and have to be happy about it.

I've been studying hard and trying to graduate until the year ends. If lucky, go study some more (just applied, will tell more if I got in). Been part of exhibitions almost non-stop/every month and to write press of every one of them, just haven't have no time to do that. Sorry!

During the summer I also painted a mural to Kouvola City as a nonprofit, and it carries name The Treasure (can be seen on my IG @Lunamir). Kouvolan Sanomat was kindly writing about it and people seemed to love it. I love these kind of projects, where I can bring more colour to surrounding urban city and if it makes people smile more, mission accomplished.

How am I balancing everything? It's a challenge but music helps me. I've notice to find myself doing more and more music. Singing a lot too. I guess it's the way to have a space for a moment from the rolling life and just be and feel the rhythm.

Yet, now I've updated the Artist CV: so it should be about on track. If you take a look at it you get what I mean; A rollercoaster ride! I still gotta make it look even and style it better, but will do it later.

IF you've been wondering what's going on, this is pretty much it. If you wanna know better, I suggest you following me on my Instagram It's where I'm most active and reachable by dm :)

Changes - Contemporary Art - Nia Maria Haaranen
Changes - Contemporary Art - Nia Maria Haaranen

Love, Nia


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