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Kymin Taideruukki ( Art Factory )

I've been visiting at Kymin Taideruukki and got so much inspiration about the visit. I met one wonderful advertising agency person, and she got my inspiration running. I felt that atmosphere the place had, was feeding the visual mind constantly and ever since I got home, I've just been creating new art pieces.

About the place: Kymin Taideruukki (Art Factory= the best English name I came up with) is wonderful industrial, red brick building. It's located at Kymin Ruukki (Kyminväylä 2), Kuusankoski, Finland. The building is 100 years old factory and it has long history from UPM, Finnish Forest Industry Company. The buildings are still owned by them, but now they are open for entrepreneurs and companies for rent.

The place has many companies at one place, Artisans, Artists, Designers, 3 galleries, a stage for happenings/music/performance/theatre and a coffee shop of course. It also has official South-East Art Rental Shop, that collects works from professional artists, that are for sale or for rent (yes they _rent_ art!).

My ultimate dream would be to work in this kind of industrial atmosphere, own a gallery, studio, a coffee shop, keep art related work shops and seminars, collaborate together with other artists in happenings. Pretty much it's everything and more this place has. Right now it's not possible as it would need a lot of income and finance+cultural support to make it happen, but one day if I'm lucky. Always can dream..

Love, Nia

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