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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I've taken my vision to forward and at 2019-2020 I’m concentrating on digital art concepts, but also especially on painting and Recycle Arts.

While studying as a Designer I’m painting and doing experiments of how to combine the traditional paint (tempera, distemper, pigments etc) with more contemporary kind of way to paint (with aerosol and acrylic).

One of the paintings that I've been doing with this technique - Pigments, Acrylic, Aerosol

I’m also doing Recycle Art. I believe that in the future we have to consider more better all the materials and resources we use, take a stand through art for the sustainable development and the Climate Change. We should not create waste, but rather use what we already have.

Gone Fishing - Mixed Media - Recycle Art - Nia Maria Haaranen

Violet Rays (Aerosol & wood) and Steve (Mixed Media) - Recycle Art - Nia Maria Haaranen

To mention, at Night of Arts (9-10th of August), my wooden sculptures "Violet Rays" and "Steve" (Recycle Art) were exhibited at the Kouvola house Cultrural Centre. They were welcoming people to the happening. I am grateful that I had a chance to showcase them in there <3

Love, Nia


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