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Diversity and inclusion - Art is for all

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

What I love about modern days is that anyone can create art and it can be any kind of art your mind can get into.

The personal diversity makes us unique and we want to cherish the inclusion of everything we create. You can create a powerful statement or a silent scream through art, in many possible ways. The more you experience different techniques and add them to your skill set, the more interesting your art may get. It usually means that the peoples interests will be maximised as what you present is experienced through personal experimental experience and learning.

Dare to be different - Diversity and inclusion - Art is for all
Dare to be different

People are interested of what you can create with art, they love to look at it, feel. Especially feel. Without feelings no one wouldn't enjoy of art. Enjoying is a feeling; You look at a painting on a gallery and it makes you go "Wow", or when you look at a video, hear sounds of art piece and it makes you quiet. Without feelings there would not be art. It's the master to it. To make people feel.

Artists creates through feelings. They often use the feelings from their daily life to generate something that represents often a life moment, scenario where they live or what they go through generally or what matters to them. The world news may effect much for the creations also; to make a statement, like in election. Think all of those posters in Twitter and media while the US Presidential Election was going. It was massive amount of art works flying around all over the web!

The main thing is that if you ever thought that you'd like to try something artistic, go on and try! You can find so much joy from it. It can be also meditative kind of moment when you put your mind into something deep, like brushstrokes on canvas. You simply may forget everything else around you and concentrate on that specific moment.

What you experience doesn't need to be a painting or photography, it can be dancing, singing or other performance art. It can be something someone haven't even tried yet, something new for the future.

What I've learnt in all these years is that never let anyone say what is art and what is not. When your experience it while creating, it's art. Experiencing is the key for the creating. Be creative, be unique. Be you.

Love, Nia


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