• Nia Maria Haaranen

Creative person is a force of nature

What it means to be creative person? It means that your mind constantly evaluates everything, creates and sees concepts others may not pick in a first place. It means that the driving force inside is endless and sometimes it's also exhausting.

I am a very social chatty person and love to be around people, have discussions and have insight to everything that's around. It means that my mind is analysing everything, what I could change and how to make it better. It comes with habit, did I wanted or not. What I can effect is how I use the information that my mind collects. Will I create something visual with it, or do I write a text content to visualise it with words or do music or use the information some other way.

Music is a very powerful imaginative way to represent many things. If you think about advertisement, the music that's picked into a commercial has something to do with your feelings (yes, here we go again, I talk about feelings :P). It's a way to effect in persons mind. If you pick a melancholic song, you can't simply add it in a Coca-Cola commercial where people are super happy and partying. No, it'll be probably added into an commercial where the dog needs a doctor and eventually he's taken in there and tadaa, all is well *happy sounds to the end*.

If you want to advertise something about AI, you'd probably choose some electronic contemporary music that has changes in beats and melodies, that's layered and growing. Just as Artificial Intelligence is. Here's one of my creations "NLP" how I see AI as an artist, in a musical way. It can be anything and everything you can imagine, just as the subject itself is.

Of course there's also "what if" and you do it another way around, make a melancholic song to some party scene, the scene meaning would probably change then. You can use music in so many ways; it's up to you how, where and how you want to effect. It's all about creating an image with feelings.

Being creative is simply a way of life. You can't have it "off" but you can surely boost the creativity. Remember that without creativity there would not be innovations. Every innovation is a result of creative thinking, was it in a molecule level or a painting. It's a force of nature and it keeps us going. Let it flow!

Love, Nia


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