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This 2019 year has been crazy artful for me, next year will be even busier.

I've been studying SO much and now it seems that if I keep speeding up, I'll graduate officially as a Designer in a year. Yet, not that school had kept me only busy, but all the Art Exhibitions that I had a chance to take part into too.

I've been in 16 (!) exhibitions this year. Just WOW. Year ago in January I decided that now I go and I will go fast forward with art and so I did. Now I see all the accomplishments and couldn't be happier. To make them happen one by one, multiple shows at the same time, yet managed everything well. See the full list where I've been:

Before the 2019 ends, I still got a lot of work to do. At 2020 my works will be at the Kouvola Art Museum, so I've been preparing them. I'm creating a video, finishing a concept to another exhibition, so when the year changes I'm able to start to work on them.

At 2020 I'm going to design a concept to one great multifunctional space and then make it fly. It already had a quick start last year when I suddenly had a chance to keep exhibition in it, but now I will make to work it for others as well. Such a great opportunity and I feel that I can use all my skills in this project.

I'm also going to be in other Service Design project, that is all about internal communications. It is going to be interesting and I can't wait it to start. Hope it will help many people to communicate and work better in the future in the interactive digital workspaces.

Last but definitely not least, 2020 I'll be continuing Service Designing for a Milano Fair. Can't give more details about it yet, but the work has already started and we have a great crew doing it! More about this later.

2020 will be super busy, I can see that already. Girl gotta do what girl gotta do - be active and ready for everything and "get shit done" as some would say ;)

Love, Nia

Ps. Thank you for believing in me <3


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  • Nia Maria Haaranen

My photographs (4) will be exhibited at Leporanta Art Centre (Leporannan Taidekeskus) at 22.6-18.8.2019. The exhibition is named by "Hiljaisuus" (Silence) and 32 artists takes part into it.

Read more about the place (Finnish):

My press release (Finnish):

Love, Nia


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  • Nia Maria Haaranen

Two of my paintings will be exhibited in Gallery Lantern, Chemintz, Germany on this becoming summer. It's organised by European Cultural Association together with Art Association Lantern.

Exhibition dates: 8.7- 30.8.2019.

Spring Breach and Summer Breach - Nia Maria Haaranen - Contemporary Art

Other exhibition news:

*March 28th - A photo (portrait) showcased in "Her Story", The Jane Hotel, New York via SeeMe.

*March 22th – 30th - Earth Soul & Rewind Life (videos) and one Other Lands (photograph) were showcased in "Picture and Form 2019"-Exhibition (XAMK), Pop Up Showroom, Manski, Finland.

Love, Nia


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